About me.. well, I cook.  I bake.  I eat.  I enjoy my time in the kitchen.  I like shopping for groceries.  Alton Brown, the Chew, Yan Can Cook, and the Frugal Gourmet are all good television.  Iron Chef is fun.

I bake bread, muffins, cobbler, rolls, pizza, and cakes.  I make yeast and sweet breads.  I use real butter, real sugar, real unbleached flour, and real eggs.  I also use butter substitutes (hello spray butter & applesauce), fake sugar substitutes (hi Sucralose), and egg substitutes.  I haven’t yet started replacing real full gluten flour with with rice or spelt, or even upping the ante with Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum to replace the gluten texture.

I share the responsibility of cooking my household’s normal weekly dinners.  I don’t cook every night, but quite a few nights a week.  I cook a lot of chicken, ground turkey, and boneless pork chops.  Onion rarely makes it into the dishes I cook, but a fair bit of garlic does.

Full disclosure: I love low cost frozen pizza.  Since I don’t have a pizza stone I cook it directly on the wire rack.  Yes, it makes cleaning the oven a necessity, but it makes for great pizza!