2012-02-19 Update

by Ryan

So my wife, J, and I recently moved. So we were blessed with the option of picking out our own stove and oven. The kitchen was already set up for a gas range, so we decided to stick with gas. Both of us had used gas in previous residences, but not in a long time. So we made the leap. And we’ve been loving it ever since. Electric is easy, but gas seems so much faster. Maybe it’s just that we finally have a nice quality range to cook with, but we’re both pleased with the new range. Here it is, in all its glory (bad picture, and all)
The double oven is nice, since we’re now able to cook two pizzas at once, both at different temperatures. We don’t cook large items like the Thanksgiving Turkey, so no reason to have one huge oven like most homes in our area. The smaller top oven also heats up much faster than a normal size oven, which makes it great for baking cookies or bread in a quick manor.

Below is an example of some pita bread I made this week. It was pretty simple, and a success with both J, and my coworkers. I’ll probably post the receipe this week..

And the below picture is a great example of what could have been awesome hamburger buns, except I was lazy and decided to just make one large piece of bread out of it. So instead of 8 hamburger buns I had one huge mess that wouldn’t fit in a large ziplock bag. So I had to break it into three pieces in order to transport it to work, so my hapless coworkers would help me devour it throughout the day. Thus keeping my wife J and I on track for our diets. Baking and diets do not mix.


And this, is a picture of one of the THREE!!! baking cookbooks I bought last week. J forced me (at gun point no less) to go to Barnes and Nobles. So I went. And I came home with $80 worth of books. King Arther makes great flower and they wrote a great book. I would highly recomend this book to the aspiring baker. Both the pita bread and hamburger bun receipes came from this book.

This week promises bannana bread, with plenty for freezing, and plenty for coworkers.  This weekend may bring preperations for gardening at the new home… more on that later.  And for now, that is that.  Happy baking.