2011-11-20 update

by Ryan

Lately I’ve been doing very little cooking.  Life has gotten in the way, and I’m happy for the changes, I’m also missing my cooking time.  So.. on to the cooking, since that is this blog’s focus and all.

Last week my wife was shocked to find out that I had never hard boiled eggs, and she was kind enough to walk me through the steps (aka, she let me do all the work).  We boiled 7 eggs, 2 of which cracked a little and let loose this really neat looking string of egg.  2 of the 7 went into my tuna salad for lunches, and my wife turned the others into egg salad for her lunches.  I’m glad to say that I can now boil an egg.

At work we had a Thanksgiving feast last Thursday.  I signed up to bring green bean casserole, and at the time I was the only one signed up for it.  I made it French’s style, and added just a bit of black pepper and garlic powder for depth.  When I dropped off my dish I saw that two other people had brought green bean casserole.  By the time it was over almost none of mine was eaten.  Makes me mad that I bothered to sign up and bring food, and then I wasted my money.  The ingredients for a double batch of French’s cost me about $6, which isn’t big money, but it just got thrown away.  Literally.

For Thanksgiving at my parent’s house I’m making sweet cornbread.  I have never really enjoyed the dry non-sweet cornbread like most restaurants serve (think Folks or Cracker Barrel).  So I add white sugar to mine (and sometimes a little brown sugar, which gives it a richer flavor), which makes it ultra-yummy.  I tend to use white and yellow corn meal along with traditional AP flour.  I might document the process this time and post some pictures.. hmm..

I have also been reading a lot about Bento boxes, which is interesting, but I’m not decided if it is a fad or not(*).  The basic idea behind the bento box is to eat a normal portion size every day that includes vegetables, protein, and carbs in a specific amount.  To quote Biggie from Lunch in a Box, “3 parts grain dishes, 1 part protein dishes, 2 parts vegetable dishes; without candy, junk food, or fatty food; and without empty space.”  A male of my height and activity level should eat about 800 milliliters (~ 3.4 cups) of food per meal.  1.7 cups of grains, 0.5 cups protein, and 1.2 cups vegetables.  I normally eat close to that amount, except that I tend to eat fruits and not vegetables.  Because they’re sugary.  D’oh, I fail bento 😦

(*) – I’m allowed my own opinion.  I understand that the ‘bento’ concept has been around for at least a few hundred years in its current form.  I don’t believe that the bento box/meal of the 1600’s is similar at all to the bento box of 2011, which is why I question if it is a fad in its current form.  [deleted additional needless editorializing]